UW-Madison Campus: Building History, Public Art, Archaeology


daniel.einstein@wisc.edu --Daniel Einstein, Historic and Cultural Resources Manager

communications@fpm.wisc.edu -- Campus Planning and Landscape Architecture

(608) 263-3000 -- Office
(608) 265-3417 -- Daniel Einstein

Monday-Friday 7:45 a.m-4:30 p.m.

30 North Mills Street 
4th Floor
Madison, WI 53715

Daniel Einstein is responsible for managing campus historic buildings and landscapes, including our Native American archaeological sites, as well as planning for and maintaining the university’s public art installations. He works closely with the director on historic preservation planning initiatives and the development of interpretative materials to build awareness for these special campus resources.

Info Daniel can provide includes:
  1. University building histories (including guidance on preservation issues and reviews)
  2. Campus archaeological sites (including effigy mounds, habitation sites, and reviews associated with site disturbances)
  3. Campus art-outside of Chazen collection (including art inventories, conservation of public art, statues, murals etc.)
  4. Cultural landscape and campus history tours