Problem-Solving — Rubric

Rubric to assess the use of problem-solving in an online discussion to facilitate the integration and documentation of student learning.

Rubric Example: Problem-Solving

Rubric example
Points 10 7 3 0
Quality of post The solution used the defined model effectively. The rationale was clear and logical. Your solution was well-argued. The solution used the model adequately. The rationale was unclear, and the solution was not presented effectively or persuasively. The solution did not apply the model correctly. The solution was not clear or the logic was flawed. Solution insufficiently developed; or not posting
Quality of response Analysis and critique of the solution were thorough and fair. Analysis and critique of the solution were biased or flawed. Analysis and critique did not provide substantive materials for the group to use in reviewing the solution. No effort in the analysis or critique of the solution, or no comment posted.