InterPro - Best Practices - Presentation tips for Online Learners

This document provides some tips for online learners presenting in a web conference

Getting started with PowerPoint

  1. Follow slide Best Practices when creating slides for web conferences. Follow the guidelines found at 40420
    • When possible, use EPD templates for all presentations. See 40460 for the EPD PowerPoint template
  2. If you don't plan to use an EPD PowerPoint template, follow these guidelines (modified from the University of Edinburgh's Information Services Best Practices for Blackboard Collaborate)
    • Use Arial, Calibri, or another web safe font. Examples include Arial, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman
    • Do not extended margins (keep default)
    • Don't add too much wording as may cut off bottom of slide - create a new slide instead
    • Keep the file name short without special characters
    • Blackboard has a file size limit of 60MB - best to keep as small as possible
    • No animations (these will not work in Collaborate as the conversion tool flattens the documentation)
    • No embedded video or audio files
    • No high resolution images
  3. If your slide deck doesn't use animations, consider exporting the PowerPoint slides to PDF before uploading the file to Blackboard. This also helps prevent conversion issues. 
    • To export slides as PDF In PowerPoint (for Mac), go to File > Export > PDF
    • If your slides save to PDF in the wrong orientation, eg portrait instead of landscape, you can change the page orientation. Please see Page Setup options in PowerPoint for instructions on changing the orientation.
  4. Test your slides before your first presentation and reach out to EPD Online Support if you have questions.

Special Suggestions for Students Presenting in Alternate Formats

If you typically present with maps or boards and have access to them