OneTrust - How to access OneTrust

OneTrust is a Software-as-a-Service tool used by the Risk & Compliance team within the Office of Cybersecurity to conduct risk assessments, track and mitigate risks, and report on risk levels across UW-Madison.

To access OneTrust:

  1. Navigate to: OneTrust Login Page
    1. Multiple URLs work to access OneTrust, but the link above is specific to the UW-Madison instance.
    2. Default login page will look something like:
    3. OneTrust Default Login Page
    4. Custom UW-Madison Login Page:
    5. 2021-03-02_15-52-28.png
  2. Use your "" email for the requested Email Address.
    1. If you have logged in before, you may see the UW-Madison logo.
    2. 2020-08-12_16-17-22.png
  3. Click "Next ->"
  4. Authenticate with your NetID username, NetID password, and Duo.

Use these links for common tasks within OneTrust:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Request 
    • Request form to be used when purchasing software, requesting a department assessment, needing a HIPAA Joint Security & Privacy Review, or making any other request of the Risk & Compliance Team.
  • Secure Storage Review
    • Request form to be used to request a Cybersecurity review of a SecureBox or RestrictedDrive request.
  • International Telecommuting Review 
    • Questionnaire for submitting a International Telecommuting Request to the Risk & Compliance team to determine the risk level associated with the request.
  • Endpoint Security Checklist 
    • Checklist to provide details about endpoints connecting to "SecureStorage" such as SecureBox, RestrictedDrive, etc.

If you have questions about OneTrust, please contact the Risk & Compliance team within the Office of Cybersecurity at