Using the Bietrun Wireless Headset Microphone (or alternative brand) with the ION Arena Portable Speaker

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the classrooms will be outfitted with a portable speaker system to reinforce the instructor's voice while wearing a face covering. Instructors may have a wireless headset microphone assigned to them.
  1. Prior to your class, remove all the items from the box for the Bietrun or alternative brand wireless headset microphone.
  2. Be sure to charge the headset microphone for at least 4 hours. It should last for up to 6 hours of continuous use. 
  3. Put the microphone headset together by inserting the tab into the hourglass-shaped hole and rotate until there is an audible clicking sound. There is no need to take this apart, so leave it together to prevent breakage.
  4. Turn on the microphone headset by sliding the switch on the side of the microphone to “on.”
  5. Plug the transmitter into the portable speaker. A picture of one of the two types of Bietrun transmitter is below:
    Beitrun transmitter
  6. You may need to use one of the adapters in the box depending on your model (see the instructions provided with your particular microphone). Turn on the transmitter by sliding the switch on the side of the transmitter to “on.”
  7. Turn on the portable speaker by pressing the power button and releasing it. The light should be green when the speaker is “on” and red when it is “off.” The Power button is highlighted below:

    ION Arena speaker
  8. The microphone headset is designed to be worn over the ears with the microphone on the left side. Adjust so it is positioned about an inch from your mouth. Ensure it does not brush up against your face covering or face shield, or it will make noise through the speaker.
  9. Turn off the speaker by pressing the power button at the end of your class period. The light on the speaker should turn red.
  10. Remove the transmitter from the speaker and turn the transmitter off. Take off your headset microphone and turn it off. Bring the transmitter and headset with you when you leave the classroom. Do not leave these items in the classroom. This is your equipment for the semester, and the intent is that you do not share the microphone with others.


If someone mistakenly pairs a device to the portable speaker via Bluetooth, the instructor can disconnect that paired device by pressing the Play/Pause/Bluetooth button on the front of the speaker. The button is highlighted in the image below:

ION Arenaspeaker

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the AV Help Desk: | (608) 890-4900

Demonstration Video

To watch a video of how to use the microphone headset and portable speaker, click on the link or watch below: 

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