Diversity & Inclusion Training - Accessibility & Usability Information (Students)

This document summarizes the accessibility and usability barriers identified during testing as well as how to get help.

The diversity and inclusion training called “Our Wisconsin”  required for first-year students and offered to groups by request at UW–Madison. This training provides awareness-raising information and resources. To better support accessibility and usability, the training is being offered in two modes:

  1. The Word or PDF training in Canvas is an awareness-raising reading and comprehension quiz experience which may be more effective and usable for students, including those with visual or motor disabilities who are navigating via keyboard. 
  2. The EverFi interactive training from Canvas which has a more dynamic and exploratory reading experience with a comprehension quiz. However, it can be cumbersome or difficult to navigate via technologies other than a desktop or laptop and a mouse or trackpad. 

Similarly, students who are colorblind may have an easier time navigating the training using the Word or PDF version. However, these users are far less affected by the color scheme of the EverFi training (than those navigating via keyboard) and may be quite comfortable navigating through the training.

Get help

To report an accessibility or usability barrier, or to request assistance, contact inclusioneducation@wisc.ed. For more information regarding this training,see:

Accessibility and usability barriers

The word or PDF training option, as well as its Canvas quizzes, should be accessible to students with disabilities and any assistive technology used as these formats are text-based exclusively.

To make it easier for students with disabilities to navigate training options and choose the option that works best for them, below is a list of accessibility and usability barriers found in the EverFi interactive training. 

Keyboard navigation may be difficult for people with visual and motor disabilities

The following keyboard navigation barriers were discovered in testing the EverFi interactive training.

Screen reader navigation may be difficult for people with visual disabilities

The following screen reader navigation barriers were discovered in testing the EverFi interactive training.

Magnification may be difficult for people with low vision

The following barriers may be difficult for users who need to magnify the interface to see the EverFi interactive training due to a visual disability or low vision. 

Color contrast barriers may be difficult for users with low vision or who are color blind

Some navigation buttons, headings, and menus are low contrast and may be difficult for some users to navigate and read if they have low vision or are color blind.

Video and audio content may be inaccessible to users who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Some embedded video content has auto-captions only. Some audio content does not have a transcript.