Webex Events: Troubleshooting Audio During Media Playback on Windows

This documentation will highlight the troubleshooting steps that should be taken when video audio is not coming through during a Webex Event.

Troubleshooting Steps Within Webex Events Settings

Perform the following steps to make sure Webex Events audio settings are properly set before proceeding to troubleshooting Windows settings:

  1. Review your audio settings and ensure they are properly set in Webex by following the steps found here
  2. Review the independent audio settings for the media being shared
    1. On the media that is being shared in the event, navigate to the bottom right and ensure your audio is not muted and the audio is set to a reasonable level
      Webex Events Media Audio

  3. If neither of these resolve your issue, continue to "Troubleshooting Steps Within Windows Settings"

Troubleshooting Steps Within Windows Sound Settings

If changing settings within Webex Events doesn't resolve the issue, perform the following steps to ensure audio settings are properly set within Windows sound settings:

  1. To ensure audio settings are properly set in Windows, we'll need to navigate to the "Sounds" menu. This can be accessed via two different methods which are as follows:
    1. Accessing the Sounds menu via the sound icon
      1. On your Windows machine, navigate to the bottom right portion of your main screen (next to where the time is displayed) and right click the audio icon
      2. Select "Sounds" if it shows up in the sub-menu which will redirect to the Sounds menu (please navigate to step 2)
        Windows Sound Icon Sub-Menu

    2. Accessing the Sounds menu via the Control Panel
      1. On you Windows machine, navigate to the bottom left portion of your main screen (next to where the windows icon is displayed) and search for and select "Control Panel"
        Windows Control Panel Search

      2. In the Control Panel, select "Hardware and Sound"
        Windows Control Panel Menu

      3. In the Hardware and Sound menu, select "Sound"
        Windows Hardware and Sound Menu

  2. Once in the sound menu, navigate to the "Playback tab and locate the device that you would like to output audio to (in this case, we've select the WH-1000XM3)
  3. After your device has been selected, select "Set Default". This will set the playback device as default for your system and should ensure audio is properly routed for the media being played via Webex Events
    Windows Sound Panel

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