Honorlock Proctoring During COVID-19

If you’re using Honorlock to proctor an exam, please reassure your students that they will not face consequences for incidental infractions or circumstances that are out of their control. For example, students living in a quarantined residence hall may have no option for taking an exam in private, a situation that could result in being flagged for a violation. Other students are expressing anxiety over whether innocent actions (e.g. drinking from a water bottle, staring into space, shifting momentarily out of the webcam view) might trigger a flag.

Students are understandably stressed and generally want to do the right thing. The tips below (adapted from the Instructional Continuity website) may help relieve unnecessary anxiety. 

Consider these resources as you work with Honorlock: 

The Assessment Guide in L&S Remote Teaching Toolkit provides ideas for establishing shared expectations for integrity and discussing academic integrity with students.