SIS - 'Resource in Use' Error

This document explains how to resolve the SIS error: "The resource you are trying to schedule is currently in use. Try your save again. If after 3 attempts you still cannot save, contact your system administrator."

There is a "Resource Queue" in PeopleSoft's class scheduling system. This Queue is meant to prevent users from double booking facilities. When two people attempt to schedule facilities at the same time, the data is locked in the Resource Queue by the first user. This lock should normally be resolved in a few minutes when the first user completes his work.

If the lock lingers more than five minutes, it is probably 'stuck.' To manually remove the lock:

  1. Log into SIS (Help Desk Level 2 agents have been authorized).
  2. Navigate to:
    NavBar (upper right corner)
    -> Curriculum Management
    -> Schedule of Classes
    -> Resource Queue Cleanup

  3. Select Search.
  4. If a lock is found and five or more minutes have elapsed from the time listed, click on Unlock Resource.
  5. If there are no locked resources, the following message will be displayed: "No matching values were found"