Using Light Version of Citrix

Remotely access CAE applications online through XenApp. XenApp allows you to access some of CAE's software remotely. You do not need WiscVPN running to use this program

XenApp can be run without installing the Citrix Workspace. 

1. Navigate to and sign in using your CAE credentials


2. Select "Use light version" to use Citrix on a browser


Note: Files created and saved on Citrix will be saved on your CAE drive
To access your CAE drive, follow instructions here:

Switching from Receiver to Light (and Back)

1. Under settings, select "Account Settings"


2. If you want to download Citrix, select "Activate Citrix Receiver" or if you are switching between a Receiver and Light select "Change Citrix Receiver"


Further instructions on downloading Citrix can be found here for Windows: and here for Mac: 

3. Select which version of Citrix you wish to use