Safer Badgers - Loaner Device Setup Instructions

I just received my Safer Badgers loaner device from DoIT Rentals. How do I set it up?

Important: The purpose of this document is to show how to set up the loaner devices rented out through the DoIT Rentals program. To set up the Safer Badgers App, please see Safer Badgers - Getting Started with iOS and Android

The Safer Badgers device will be remotely managed by DoIT. The device is limited to emergency calls only and will only have limited applications such as the Wisconsin app, Duo, Safari, and the Safer Badgers app.

If you run into any issues setting up the phone, please contact the DoIT Help Desk: Get Help from DoIT.

Setting Up

  1. Power the device on and click the Home button.

  2. Choose the language you prefer. The Safer Badgers app is only available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali.

  3. Choose the United States as your Country or Region.

  4. Click "Set Up Manually".

  5. Select a WiFi connection or “Use Cellular Connection”.

  6. Please click "Next".

  7. Log in using your NetID and NetID Password and click "Next".

    If you forgot your NetID or password, please try resetting your password or call in to the DoIT Help Desk for more help.

  8. Enter a passcode of 4 or more numbers or characters that you will remember and click 'Next'.If you forget this passcode, you will need to contact the DoIT Help Desk.

  9. The next screen will say "Configuring iPhone - Awaiting final configurations from the University of Wisconsin - Madison."

  10. The next screen will prompt you to enable location services.

    Enabling Location Services does NOT track you in any way, however the exposure notifications will not work without having location services enabled.

  11. Your Safer Badgers device will now be ready to use. It will take a few minutes for your device to finish loading.

    Note: The Safer Badgers app will be located in the bottom bar of the home screen as highlighted above.  
  12. Set up the Safer Badgers App following the instructions here: Safer Badgers - Getting started with iOS and Android . You do not need to download the app since it is already installed, instead skip to the Setting Up the Safer Badgers App section on that page. 
Saving COVID-19 Private Key

To prevent the loss of your badge status and testing history, you will need to save your COVID-19 Private Key. To do this, you may save the private key off of the Safer Badgers app and email it to yourself. Please see Loaner: Saving Private Key for more information on how to save the private key.

Safari has been allowed on the loaner devices to access sites including your university email. Once you have your private key saved to your loaner device, we highly recommend emailing yourself your COVID-19 private key.

Additional Help

For more information on the COVID-19 measures on campus, please see COVID-19 Response.

For more information on Safer Badgers, please see Safer Badgers.

If you have questions, please email

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