WiscWeb - Accessibility resources

The following document contains a list of resources aimed at educating users on accessibility, guiding website editors towards accessible techniques and practices, sharing tools available for testing the accessibility of websites, and contact information for accessibility-focused groups on campus.

A message from the WiscWeb team

Here at WiscWeb, we continuously strive to improve the accessibility of the products and services we deliver. We believe that all of our users - whether they are building a website or just perusing one - deserve to have a smooth, understandable, and consistent experience. 

Here are a few ways we are working to improve the accessibility of our service:

The importance of accessibility at UW-Madison

The following resources will touch upon the importance of accessibility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We suggest sharing these resources with leadership and colleagues in your department:

Get help with accessibility at UW-Madison

Check out the Make It Accessible Guide for instructions on how to make all of your content accessible.

You can also see the user guidance on campus technologies evaluated for digital accessibility at the Campus IT Accessibility & Usability KnowledgeBase

Additional resources

Campus resources

External resources