UW-Madison G Suite - Add multiple members to your Google Group

This document explains how to upload multiple members to your Google Group using the new Google Groups administration website.

Add many members

  1. Log in to https://email.wisc.edu/lists with your NetID credentials.
  2. Click on the Add Many Members tab.

  3. gg_newui_addmembers.png

  4. Fill in the following fields:

    • Group Name: Enter the name of your Google Group (ex: bucky_project). Do not add your Google Group email address (ex: bucky_project@g-groups.wisc.edu).

    • Members: Add each member’s email address one line at a time.

    • gg_newui_listofmem.png

  5. Click on Add members to finish adding members to your Google Group.

    • Both internal (UW-Madison email address) and external (non UW-Madison email address) can be added to your group using this page.

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