General Student Services Fund Fundraising

Last updated 12/11/2020

Under UW System Policy 820, student organizations must reimburse the University for all seg-fee costs associated with fund-raising. The reason for this is simple: students should not be required to pay twice to attend an event or participate in a program. By paying their segregated fees, they should have full access to activities that those fees support. If a GSSF group charged an entrance fee at an event, they would be billing students twice.

GSSF groups are able to put on fundraising events for separate accounts using the following procedures:
  • All hours developing and implementing such an event cannot be paid using budgeted salaries from the GSSF. Organizers should volunteer time outside of their budgeted, paid hours-per-week to plan fundraising events.
    • If such allocated hours are used, proceeds from the event must reimburse these hours.
  • Groups may use their UW affiliated name to access campus and community resources.
    • For instance, a student organization can reserve the Union Theatre for a performance.
  • Further, student organizations may place orders for advertising and printing using their existing account with these other business HOWEVER they must pay the bill or reimburse the account with proceeds from the event.
  • Groups must not use resources without repaying them immediately after the event.
  • All transactions must be documented and communicated. This includes:
    • Consistent and thorough communication with the SSFC Financial Specialist regarding the event purchases and reimbursements.
    • Receipts of any supplies, advertisements, printing, etc.
    • Final spreadsheet documenting money earned and money to be repaied (if necessary) to the GSSF budget.
  • Checks reimbursing the GSSF budget should be made out to the registered organization name that your group uses for ASM/GSSF purchases.
  • Proceeds gained during the event do not need to be reported in the End-of-Year Report or the Funding Request forms.
In the event that the group does not earn enough money to offset the expenses their GSSF budget has incurred in the process, the group is responsible for repaying these expenses from the group's checking or potentially out of pocket.