General Student Services Fund Wage Policy

Last updated 12/16/2020

Groups within the GSSF must abide by the following restrictions when:
  •  Requesting funds for student hourly wages. 
  • Approving paid hours for individual members of staff.  
Budget Hearings: 
  • No student position shall be budgeted for more than 20 hours per week. Student salaries will be budgeted at $10.50 across all positions.

Approving Hours: 
  • No student employee may work over 8 hours in a single day (unless given a proper exemption). 
  • No student employee may be paid for travel time, time spent at conferences, staff development seminars, retreats, in-services etc. regardless of whether or not SSFC is paying for those travel costs or events. 
  • All timesheets must be submitted and approved by the authorized signer by the appropriate deadlines. 
  • Prior period timesheets will be accepted and paid, but will be considered a violation of the wage policy. 

SSFC can make exceptions to the policy above with a 2/3 vote.