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The hiring manager will submit a position description to Extension HR along with the Request to Fill (RTF) and Screening Tool. These are required materials before posting the position. The hiring manager will need to draft the position description and gather appropriate input prior to submitting.


1) Draft a Position Description

All PD fields can be found in the Extension RTF Form (Hiring - Recruitment - Pre-Recruitment - Create Request to Fill (RTF)). You will copy and paste the PD into these fields

If you are hiring a county-based educator position reach out to the Institute Director for the position description template.

  • Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience
  • Position Summary - A clear and concise summary that describes work at a high level.
  • Principal Duties - Focus on job responsibilities rather than day-to-day tasks.
  • Additional Information
  • Additional Application Procedures/Instructions to Applicants
  • Advertising Summary - Add language that you would like ASU to use on the jobs.wisc.edu job board to attract applicants. 

2) Gather Additional Position Description Input via Pre-Approval Conversations

FoodWIse Pre-Approval Conversation Requirements

County-Based Educator Pre-Approval Conversation Requirements

Leadership Position Pre-Approval Conversation Requirements

All Other Recruitments Pre-Approval Conversation Requirements

3) Enter Position Description Information into Request to Fill (RTF)

You will enter position Description information into the RTF form that you create for the recruitment

Hiring - Recruitment - Pre-Recruitment - Create Request to Fill (RTF)

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Questions? Contact  hr@extension.wisc.edu

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