WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - wpDataTables Version 3

The following document will review the known changes coming with version 3 of wpDataTables. We encourage users to review their Documentation and Features article on their website for more information about this plugin.

Noticeable Changes


This update introduces a new "Dashboard" page that includes several links to helpful information about your tables. This is a nice place to stop if you are hoping to learn more about your wpDataTables usage or want links to helpful support documentation. 

See Cautionary Updates for more information about what we suggest avoiding in the Dashboard. 

Finding Your Forms

You will notice that the primary link to the wpDataTables plugin in WiscWeb will no longer take you to a list of all of your tables. Instead, it defaults to the Dashboard screen. To see your list of existing forms, you will need to select the primary wpDataTables plugin link, and then click on the sub-link of the same name. 

Or, you can choose the Browse All Tables option from the Dashboard.

Design Update

Version 3 carries with it a number of design changes. The updated look seems to more closely match standard WordPress, with new button styles, updated boxes, and more user-friendly search boxes. There are less colors for things like shortcode buttons, so the styling appears a bit cleaner/simpler. The 'Create a Table' page also has an updated layout and entirely new icons/imagery.

Links to Help Documentation

Within the new Dashboard, there are now more links out to helpful plugin documentation. There are also buttons that link out to documentation from within the various building elements. We encourage you to peruse these links for more information about version 3 changes, as well as help regarding building out your wpDataTables tables in WordPress. 

New Table Features

Create a Table from Scratch

Perhaps the most obvious change to table building is the addition of a "Create a Table from Scratch" feature. These tables differ from Manual tables in that they are more simplistic in nature and do not allow for sorting/filtering or pagination. It is important to note that you cannot use foreign keys, placeholders, or conditional formatting or styles with this type of table. They also cannot currently be used to make charts. 

For more information about this type of table, how to use it, and how it differs from the other options, please visit the wpDataTables documentation

Cautionary Updates

Don't Click the Add-On Purchase Options

There are a number of links now within the dashboard that make it appear that you can easily purchase add-ons for your instance of wpDataTables. This is something that isn't possible within our protected multisite environment. We control the implementation of new plugins and features.


Don't Click to Configure Settings

There is now a box shown on the Dashboard to configure your settings for things like PHP and MySQL. This option will not work for normal editors and admins and we ask that you please do not attempt to adjust these settings. 



  • If you are having trouble navigating the plugin after the version 3 update, we suggest reviewing the helpful documentation that the vendor provides on their website.