Security Tools - Communities of Practice for Security Administrators

This article discuss the user group meetings and Microsoft Teams groups for various security tools on campus. These groups are typically reserved for IT administrators who manage or work with security tools in their environment.

Communities of Practice for Security Tools

The Office of Cybersecurity supports various security tools for use on campus, including Cisco AMP Endpoint Protection, Palo Alto Firewalls, and Qualys Vulnerability Management. Distributed campus administrators are generally responsible for managing these tools within their group. Security tool Communities of Practice, or "User Groups" exist to increase efficiency, cohesion, and information sharing between IT administrators across campus in their application of the tools. The Office of Cybersecurity manages a Microsoft Teams group for each user group (there are separate Teams groups for Palo Alto, AMP, and Qualys). Admins can communicate with each other by posting and participating in discussions in the Teams groups, and each group meets once per quarter. You can learn more about the user group for each tool and request access to the corresponding Teams group below.

Cisco AMP Community of Practice

Palo Alto Firewall Community of Practice 

Qualys Vulnerability Management & Cloud Agent Community of Practice