Madison Metropolitan Transit / Metro Bus

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Email -- Madison Metro -- Rideshare Services -- Advertise on Buses (Peg Anthony)

(608) 266-4466 -- Customer Service Center
(608) 266-4904 -- Administrative Office
(608) 266-4904 -- Lost and Found
(608) 266-4466 -- Paratransit Services
(608) 267-1107 -- Paratransit Cancellation Line
(608) 267-8771 -- Advertise on Buses (Peg Anthony)

Monday-Friday 6:15 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Weekend/Holidays 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1245 E Washington Ave
Suite 201
Madison, WI 53703

Madison Metro serves most areas of Madison with high quality bus service. It also provides shuttle service to UW sporting events, concerts and more. Park and Ride services are offered for commuters.

The Customer Service Center (266-4466; TTY (866) 704-2316) provides route and schedule information, paratransit confirmation times and other information.

See also Metro Paratransit Service record for services for persons with disabilities.

1) Cash fares: adult $2; youth $1.25; sr/disabled: $1; children under 4 ride free; exact fare required.
2) 10-Ride Cards: adult $17.25; youth $11.25, senior/disabled $10
3) Passes: 31-Day pass $65; Senior/disabled $32.50; Low income $28; One-Day pass $5; EZ Rider Pass Youth Semester $165; EZ Rider Youth School Year $315; Summer
Youth Pass $35.
See web site for more fare info.

Passes are available at University Book Store (711 State St) and at other outlets throughout Madison (locations available at 266-4466/ UW Student passes offering free rides on Metro are available through Associated Students of Madison.

**Students and employees please note that even with a bus pass you will need to present your WisCard to the driver in order to take advantage of your student/employee bus pass. **