Union Cab of Madison Cooperative


info@unioncab.com -- General Inquiries 
taxi_dispatch@unioncab.com -- Immediate needs for a placed order
waybill@unioncab.com -- Receipts and Account Management 

(608) 242-2000 -- Call a Cab
(608) 242-2020 -- Union Cab of Madison Cooperative Dispatch Office
(608) 242-2010 -- Business Office
(608) 242-2007 -- Operations Manager
(608) 242-8207 -- Technical Assistance

Hours Service 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Office Address
2458 Pennsylvania Ave
Madison, WI 53704

Mailing Address
Union Cab of Madison Cooperative
P.O. Box 8305
Madison, WI 53708-8305

A worker owned and operated cooperative organized under the democratic principles of WI Statute Chapter 185 which allows for "one member, one vote" method of stock corporation. A board of directors consisting of an elected group of drivers, mechanics and dispatchers governs Union Cab.

Starting 2019 - 2020, Union Cab is launching a "Commune to Careers" pilot program to help connect workers with employment opportunities in areas with limited transportation options. The rider will pay a flat fee of $5 and will focus on off-peak hours, 3rd shift and late night.

Union Cab provides direct metered cab service and parcel delivery to the South Central Wisconsin Area. They will also pick up luggage for patrons staying at hotels and drop it off at specific locations, so if a patron asks what they can do with their luggage until they check in or want to go to their hotel, you may give them this information.

Union Cab is usually hiring. Potential members of the cooperative must have a good driving record (3 points or less, no OWI's); be at least 21 yrs. old (for insurance reasons), have a decent knowledge of the city; and have the ability to provide quality service to a diverse community.