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This Registrar's web page gives information on: Final Exam Room Assignments:

Final exams in General Assignment Classrooms are assigned in mid-November for fall terms and mid-April for spring terms. Once assigned, these room assignments can be viewed by students in Student Center, faculty in Faculty Center, and all others in Class Search. In instances where more than one classroom is assigned, instructors communicate to students how the rooms are to be divided.

If your course does not have a room assignment, contact the instructor or department giving the exam to determine the location.

Midterm Evening Exam Policy

Two evening periods have been established for daytime classes that require evening mid-term exams. The first is 5:30-7:00 pm. Exams can begin any time before or during this period as long as they end no later than 7:00 pm. The second period begins at 7:15 pm and will accommodate longer exams. Exceptions to this general policy may be authorized by the Provost.

Final Exam Policies and Information

The semester's final exam schedule includes one two-hour summary instructional period for each course of two or more credits. This period is used for an exam or other instructional activities as deemed appropriate by the instructor and the instructional unit offering the course. Take -home exams are due at the scheduled period. Final exams or other summary period activities cannot be scheduled during the last two weeks of classes. Graduate courses and undergraduate seminar courses, independent study and directed study courses are exempt from these regulations.