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The International Student Assistance Fund loans funds to currently enrolled international students who show evidence of critical need precipitated by a personal crisis, probably magnified by their status as an international student. The funds are available as emergency assistance to help the student get through to the end of the semester but not to subsidize the basic costs of attending the university. A mutually agreed upon repayment plan is required, and students will not normally be granted a second loan.

Examples of situations in which loans will be granted
- A medical emergency involving loss of job or medical coverage.
- Illness not covered by insurance.
- A family crisis requiring unexpected travel.
- Fire or other destruction or theft of property.
- Political turmoil or natural disaster in the home country.

The limit of the loan varies per applicant. International students interested in applying for a loan from the fund may contact a member of the Division of Student Life staff. See the link about for information on applying for a loan.

Crisis loans are generally under $500. They may not be used for paying tuition/fees or any fines. Dollars for this fund are from generous gifts from private donors and from the proceeds of fundraising efforts by student organizations. Persons applying for crisis loan funds must be enrolled at the time of application (if applying between semesters, you must have been enrolled during the previous term and be enrolled for the following term). If a student has an outstanding crisis loan, they are not eligible for further loans until the previous loan is paid. In order to obtain a Crisis Loan during the summer, you must be enrolled in summer classes.

Additionally, the International Division of UW-Madison has created a website full of resources for international students, faculty, staff, and visitors: