Safer Badgers - Loaner: Saving COVID Private Key

This document goes over how to save your COVID Private Key on a safer badgers loaner device.

How to save your COVID-19 Private Key on a loaner iPhone:

For more information about the Private Key please see this document: Safer Badgers - COVID-19 Private Key . The instructions in the following document are specific to the loaner phones that are picked up from the DoIT walk-in Help Desk. For broader instructions please see Safer Badgers - COVID-19 Private Key

  1. Open the Safer Badgers App
  2. On the top right corner of the app, tap the cog to access settings
  3. Under the COVID-19 header there is a section that says COVID-19 keys valid and paired. There is a button in that section labeled COVID-19 Private Key. Tap that button
  4. Click Save under the QR code/key. If a message pops up asking for permission to access photos click Allow Access to All Photos
  5. Close out of the safer badgers app by clicking the home button and open safari. Navigate to

  6. Sign in to your email address and create a new email to yourself

  7. Click the paperclip icon in the email to attach a photo. Tap on Photo Library to find your key picture. Click send (blue paper plane icon on upper right of the screen)

  8. You now have access to the COVID-19 Private Key via email. You can also open the attachment and save the key on another device such as a desktop or laptop for safe-keeping or to cloud storage of your choice (google drive and UW-Madison box are available through the university)