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A grant is gift assistance and does not have to be repaid. You qualify for a grant on the basis of financial need only. Graduate students and undergraduates with bachelors degrees are not eligible for any of the grant funds listed on the website (except Vocational Rehabilitation Grant, American Indian Grants, and the Child Care Tuition Assistance Program).

Federal Pell Grants are funded by the federal government. To receive a Federal Pell Grant, you must meet general requirements and show financial need as determined by the Federal Pell Grant Program. Unlike other aid programs you may be eligible for a limited amount of Federal Pell Grant if you are enrolled less than half-time.

There is no separate Pell grant application. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other materials used to apply for all types of federal aid. These materials are available at the Office of Student Financial Aid.

FAFSA school code: 003895