DoIT Shared Tools - GitLab: Request a Needs & Requirements Analysis

Is GitLab and/or the right choice for your needs? If you need to know more about GitLab, or need help understanding the current service offering(s), please contact the Shared Tools team to schedule a needs analysis.

How-to Schedule a GitLab Needs Analysis

To schedule a needs analysis please email During a needs & requirements analysis the Shared Tools team will:

After an initial consultation, the Shared Tools team will review the described needs, continue to ask questions, and expand on options to consider.

Getting Started with GitLab Recommendations

  1. Review the GitLab Training Tracks and GitLab Learn resources. Explore the possibilities and continue to share your ideas and anticipated needs with the Shared Tools team. 
  2. Sign into the and create a personal account. Use your 4 personal projects to test the basic experience. 
  3. Work with the appropriate DoIT service teams to discuss and find the right resources to support your needs.

Who Should You Contact with Questions?

For general questions about tools (GitLab, GitHub, JIRA/Bitbucket, Microsoft Azure Dev/Ops, etc.), please contact the following DoIT service teams:

GitLab and Atlassian (JIRA/Bitbucket)

GitHub and Microsoft Azure Dev/Ops

DoIT Shared Tools

DoIT User Services