Comparing Public Cloud solutions

how to compare public cloud solutions

When looking at getting started in the public cloud it can be overwhelming the simplest way to get started on where to run your workload is to contact the Public Cloud Team and contact us to help you work through your options.  We can help you to work through identifying key architectural needs for evaluating cloud providers.

Some architectural items to consider:

Do you have existing experience in one of the public cloud providers?

Do you have a vendor or open source project that defaults to a provider?

Is there any future projects that will suggest a preferred provider later?

For a basic comparison to help possibly narrow down your choices look at the Gartner Cloud Decisions page it will help both assess cost evaluations and service features.  We like the Gartner tool since they maintain the evaluations and the data for us.

* if you have difficulties using the Gartner Cloud Decisions page first log in at