WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Faculty / Staff Search and Filter

A filter can be added to your full faculty / staff list by choosing to show all members of the list and applying the filter function in the Faculty/Staff Listing page element. Please be aware that the filter currently only searches the name field.

Things To Consider

  • Before setting the filter, be sure to understand how to add the Faculty/Staff Listing page element: WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Faculty Staff Listing Page Element
  • The Faculty/Staff Search and Filter function can only be used when your page element is set to All Faculty/Staff. It will not display in any other display setting.
  • When applied, the Faculty/Staff Search and Filter function defaults your page element to be three columns to accommodate the functionality.
  • If you are using multiple Faculty/Staff Listing page elements on a single page, the Search and Filter function will only be usable in the one page element it is applied to. It cannot filter or search other page elements.

Applying the Filter

  1. Add the Faculty/Staff Listing page element The Faculty/Staff Filter option can only be applied when you choose the option for All Faculty/Staff listing.
  2. Choose All Faculty/Staff from the What kind of a faculty/staff listing? option

    Display all faculty or staff members in a list

  3. When you choose this option, the Include filtering? setting will appear. Click the checkbox to enable this.

    Check box to filter within the listing

  4. Choose where you want this filter to appear by clicking in the radio button for Filter Position

    Choice for where the filter will appear on your page

  5. There will also be an option to set the Filter Title if you desire. Be aware that the Filter Title will only be applied if you are using Faculty Types for your listing.

    Filter title field

  6. Update or Publish your page.

Using the Filters

Filter Display Above Listing:

Filter view when displayed to the left of the listing

Filter Display Left Of Listing:

Filter view when displayed above the listing


  • If you have had customizations done to your Faculty/Staff listing, the Filter feature will not appear. This is due to the customization done to the child theme for your site.
  • This search will only apply to the specific fac/staff page element it is added to. If you have multiple fac/staff lists on a page, you will have to add the search option for each of them.