DoIT Shared Tools - GitLab for Campuses Support and License Resources

The GitLab for Campuses license includes a territory account manager, strategic account leader, and priority support services. For emergency support submit a support request, email, and follow the escalation chain.

GitLab Customer Services Representatives

Overview of Support & Contacts
Name Title and Support Description Phone Email
Dan Peric Territory Account Manager
(2-3 hrs week and can support small projects)
(585) 750-3403
Daryl Knopf Solutions Architect N/A
Matt Stamper Strategic Account Leader
(571) 643-1768
Victor Brew Public Sector Inside Sales N/A
Robert Clark Manager, Technical Account Managers (703) 626-2366

Priority Support Resources

Emergency Support and Escalation Chain

  1. Open a support ticket at
  2. If it is an EMERGENCY and requires EMERGENCY level SLA’s (Only available in Premium/Ultimate/Silver/Gold), either
    1. send an email to
    2. include the word Emergency in the title of the ticket
  3. The email must be sent by a resource who is established as a Zendesk user associated with the Zendesk Org (List of UW-Madison/DoIT Contacts that can work with Daniel Peric and GitLab)
  4. If you do not receive a response within the published SLA listed then contact GitLab personnel in the order of the "GitLab Customer Service Representatives".

Other Resources

GitLab for Campuses License Highlights

License Overview
Aspect of License Details
Type of License GitLab for Campuses
# of user 50,000 (unlimited)
Tier Ultimate
Expiration Date 12/31/2022 (new licenses will be issued by GitLab each year)
Purchased 12/02/2021 for 3 years. Renewed through  01/01/2024

License Renewal and Request Process

As of January 2022, GitLab funding will be provided by the Campus Software assessment. DoIT Purchasing and User Services will coordinate future license renewals. 

GitLab indicated that they are willing to support issuing multiple licenses at no additional cost. This would allow other groups on Campus to host their own on premise or cloud instance. DoIT needs to complete an evaluation of options for issuing licenses and confirm a preferred approach. Options include: