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The Economic Justice Institute
The University of Wisconsin Law School
975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706

The Mission of the Economic Justice Institute (EJI) is educating law students through teaching, supervision and reflection as students engage in the experiential learning process while empowering clients and community to resolve conflict by providing information, advocacy, and methods of alternative dispute resolution. 

EJI programs are dedicated to serving low-income and other under-represented clients in matters designed to enhance access to justice and economic security. EJI is home to the law school's civil, anti-poverty clinical programs:

Students: Find out more about the Economic Justice Institute (EJI)

Law students participating in EJI encounter a wide-ranging set of cases and problems. EJI offers students extraordinary client contact, direct advocacy skills, and the opportunity to reflect on the role - and the limits - of law in addressing social problems.  Students apply for positions in EJI clinics in November of each year. If selected, they enroll in one of the  clinics for a full year, from May to May. For more information on the application and enrollment process, please refer to the UW Law School's Clinical Programs page

Looking for legal assistance?

If you are hoping to contact any of our clinics for assistance, please call (608) 890-0678. Se habla español.

If you require assistance in an area that is not covered by our clinics or we are unable to help, the Wisconsin State Law Library's page has contact information for organizations that provide legal representation, mediation and arbitration services for Wisconsin residents. Some of these organizations are restricted to low-income individuals.