The Learner Activity View for Advisors (LAVA) Overview for Pilot

The Learner Activity View for Advisors (LAVA) is a dashboard that provides visualizations of student access to materials in Canvas courses.

Note: This document describes a learning analytics approach to help support student success.

  • LAVA is currently available as part of a pilot program; if you’re not in the fall 2021 pilot, you will not have access to LAVA. This project is part of UW-Madison's broader efforts around learning analytics. More information about learning analytics at UW-Madison is available from the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and DoIT Academic Technology.
  • Remember that students are unique individuals and are much more than their data - be sure to consider the student holistically.
  • Guiding principles for the ethical use of data for learning analytics state that learning analytics should be used to benefit students, instructors/advisors should be transparent about using learning analytics, instructors/advisors should respect students’ privacy and confidentiality, and should minimize any potential adverse impacts.

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