UW-Madison Qualtrics - Requirements to transfer surveys to another organization

Summary: When graduate students complete their degree or if researchers change institutions, it is not uncommon for them to want to transfer surveys to a Qualtrics account at their new institution. This document explains the requirements that need to be met before we can approve a transfer of UW-Madison Qualtrics survey(s) to a Qualtrics account at another institution or organization.

Survey Transfer Requirements

Requests to transfer UW-Madison Qualtrics surveys (with or without data) to another institution or organization are treated like any other request to transfer research data. You should start by working with your research Dean to determine whether it is appropriate to transfer the data away from UW Madison. A list of College and School Research Contacts is available on the Research and Sponsored Programs website.

You will need to demonstrate that you have a Data Transfer and Use Agreements (DTUA) in place before we will transfer survey DATA to another organization. Permanent transfer of survey data requires additional approval. Please review the document Policy on Data Stewardship, Access and Retention in order to understand UW-Madison’s policy regarding research data transfer.

If the survey data was collected under Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval you will need to work with the IRB to ensure that the IRB protocol allows the data to be SHARED and determine if IRB approval is required at the receiving institution.

Initiating a Transfer Request

In order to evaluate your request we need to know some details about you and the survey projects you wish to transfer.

  1. Your full name and NetID.
  2. Name of your new institution or organization.
  3. The name of the UW-Madison Principle Investigator (PI) who has approved the transfer.
  4. Do you have a signed DTUA?
  5. Are there UW-Madison IRB protocols associated with these surveys? If so, please provide the human subjects protocol numbers. In addition, we will need to know whether this work is IRB approved at your new institution.
  6. A list of the survey projects that you would like to transfer to your new institution.

Send an email with answers to the above questions to admins@survey.wisc.edu. We will forward your request for review. If your transfer is approved the transfer itself is handled by Qualtrics Support.

Copies of surveys and data

If you are exporting copies of surveys or response data for use at another institution (that is sharing the survey or data) you do not need to contact the UW-Madison Qualtrics Administrators but you do still need approval from the UW-Madison PI, have a DTUA in place and approval of the IRB if appropriate. Please work with the research Dean’s office in your school or college to create the DTUA and the IRB, if the data was collected as part of an IRB protocol, prior to sharing data.

For more information about exporting surveys and data please see the following Qualtrics Support pages:
Import & Export Surveys
Exporting Response Data

Important: Do not leave UW-Madison without transferring your surveys to the Principal Investigator for the project. See UW-Madison Qualtrics - Transfer ownership of your survey.

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