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This page describes what a badge is and how to obtain it.

A UW Madison digital badge

What Are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are visual evidence of obtaining a new skill or accomplishment. UW-Madison badges are Open Badges, a type of digital badge that is verifiable, portable, and packed with information about skills and achievements.

What Do Digital Badges Communicate?

Digital badges provide the following information:
  • The date the badge is earned
  • Who issued the badge
  • The knowledge, skills, and abilities the learner has acquired
  • A description of the assessments the learner had to complete to earn the badge

What Digital Platform Is Used?

UW-Madison uses the Badgr Platform to issue digital badges.

How Can Digital Badges Be Used?

Digital badges can be printed or shared out through social media.

How Do Learners Obtain Their Badge?

Learners create a free account with Badgr. Within the Badgr "backpack," learners can store, share, and organize their badges.

Ready to Obtain Your Badge?

1. Learn how create a free account with Badgr and use the Badgr backpack.

2. Learn how to share your digital badge.

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