L&S Fall 2021 Common Questions about Instruction

Please see links below to find more information about commonly asked instructor questions for the Fall 2021 semester

Masking Policies.

Student Absences

Fall 2021 Course Modalities

Courses should be taught in the modality that is listed in the schedule of classes.  For more information please see Fall 2021 L&S Policies for Course Modalities

Absence from teaching and coverage of teaching duties

For information related to absence from teaching, coverage plans for teaching responsibilities, and expectations regarding use of online lectures, please see Request Absence from Teaching Assigned Class for planned or unplanned absences, as well as the updated Absence from Teaching form.

Fall 2021 Office Hours Modality

Instructors are strongly encouraged to offer students the opportunity to attend office hours in person this fall.

Teaching & Technology Support

The teaching and technology support provided by the “batch lead” support structure will shift to the newly formed L&S Instructional Design Collaborative (IDC). Please visit idc.ls.wisc.edu for a listing of their services or submit a consultation request.

Course Tune-Up Initiative

The 2021 Fall semester brings a compelling new opportunity for transformative learning as we meld the best of our residential experience with the most promising technology-enabled practices that sustained us during more than a year of remote teaching. The L&S IDC is offering a Course Tune-Up Program to provide instructors with support to design an intentional “new normal” for their teaching. Sign-up at https://idc.ls.wisc.edu/course-tune-up-initiative/.