Dining Facilities on Campus / University Housing

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Welcome to University Housing Dining and Culinary Services. University Housing Dining and Culinary Services serves the residents of the University Residence Halls. Food is provided in a number of venues around campus - dining rooms, carryout stores and delis are open for a variety of hours. University Housing also operates three coffee houses and a large catering service. In addition to student customers, faculty, staff, and guests are welcome to dine in any of our facilities during the school year.

The dining rooms are conveniently spread out around campus, allowing convenient access to a dining facility, and offer an array of different dishes and tastes for a wide variety of palates.

**All University Housing Dining Markets are cashless and no longer accept cash or checks at the registers. This enables the markets to serve customers efficiently without long waits at the register. Accepted forms of payment include Wiscard, Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Individuals wishing to deposit additional money onto their Wiscard can make online deposits using computer kiosks located in each dining market.**

Lakeshore Neighborhood Locations
Four Lakes Market (Formerly Frank's Place)  -- In Dejope Hall, 640 Elm Drive
       - Four Lakes Market
       - Flamingo Run convenience store
       - The Bean and Creamery Cafe
Liz's Market -- In Elizabeth Waters Hall, 1200 Observatory Drive
Carson's Market -- Carson Gulley Center , 1515 Tripp Circle
-Carson's Market
-Flamingo Run
-Pizza Delivery

South East Neighborhood Locations
Gordon Avenue Market -- In [Link for document 25190 is unavailable at this time.] , 770 W. Dayton St.
       - Gordon Ave. Market
       - Flamingo Run convenience store
       - The Bean and Creamery Cafe
       - Capital City Pizza
Rheta's -- In Chadbourne Hall, 420 N. Park St.
Dinner Special - Pay a fixed price for buffet style dinner
       - Rheta's Market
       - Capital City Pizza
       - Flamingo Run convenience store
       - The Bean and Creamery Cafe
Newell's Deli -- In Smith Hall, 35 N. Park St.

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