Directory Assistance / Operator


(608) 262-1234 -- Campus Directory Assistance
(608) 266-2211 -- State of Wisconsin Directory Assistance
(608) 263-0060 -- Campus and Visitor Relations Backup

Directory Assistance

UW-Madison Directory Assistance is an automated directory, department and events lookup system. The system uses a conversational style search that can handle accents, nicknames, and names that sound similar or may be spelled in different ways. Operator backup from Campus and Visitor Relations is available from 7:30 am until 10 pm. The system no longer has the 24-hour automated system.

If you find that the name of the person or department you are looking for is mispronounced or for some reason can't be located in the directory,
-- To change the pronunciation of your name: go to and follow the instructions.
-- To change the name of your department: send an email to with your name; your campus telephone number; your department name; the information as it is given now and how you would like it to be given.