College Library - Reimaging Loaner Mac Laptops with a Provisioner Drive and Common Associated Problems

Instructions for reimaging a Mac laptop once it is in circulation through the InfoLabs and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Imaging a Mac Laptop

  1. Plug a Mac Provisioner flash drive into the computer
  2. Hold Option (⌥) while powering the Mac on until the Apple logo disappears
    • If you see an option to boot to "Install macOS Big Sur", choose that and press enter (see image below).
    • If no options appear, then press Command-R to boot into Recovery Mode.
  3. Notes: 
    • At this point in the process you may encounter a language picker. Choose English and continue.
    • At this point in the process you may a firmware update dialogue, choose update and wait for restart.
  4. Once in recovery mode, navigate to the top bar > Utilities > Terminal to open the terminal window (see image below).
  5. In the terminal window, type the below command and press Enter:
    • /Volumes/auto_restore/
  6. The Mac will stay in recovery mode for roughly 5 minutes before restarting and entering the general imaging state. You may remove the USB after the computer restarts.

Changing the language in Recovery

If you find you are stuck in another language. There are a few ways to resolve this.

Call the LTG Help Desk (608-262-8880) for additional guidance if none of the above work.

Option BootOption Boot

Recovery Terminal Menu ItemTerminal in Recovery Menu