WiscWeb - Building an Image Gallery for Posts

In this document, you will learn the steps to adding an image gallery element to any posts that you would like to create.

In this document:


Posts do not inherit the same Page Element options that exist within the pages section of the UW Theme. As such, there are limited opportunities to display items other than text an images within a post. Users can create an image gallery to display groups of images and captions, however.

Steps to create an image gallery in a post

You can create the gallery while editing a post. Click the Add Media button above the text editor and follow these steps
  1. Click the Create gallery link on the left side

    Create Gallery menu option

  2. You can now select the images you want to appear in this gallery.
    • A check mark will appear in the upper right corner of each image you select. You can remove items from this gallery by removing the check from images.
    • Be sure to add Alt Text to any image you put into a Post or a Page to meet accessibility needs. For more information on accessibility, please review the WiscWeb accessibility document.
    • You can also add or remove captions from your images.

      Select images from your media library

  3. Once you have added your images, click the Create a new gallery button at the bottom right of the page.
  4. In the next screen, you can determine several options about this gallery when it appears in the post.
    • In the Gallery Settings on the right, determine what the images Link To; Columns; Size; and whether to randomize the order by putting a check in the Random Order check box.

      Gallery settings options
  5. Click Insert gallery to place the gallery into the Post. You can see what the gallery will look like, and if you need to you can edit it by clicking on the Edit icon Edit or delete icon.
  6. Publish your post to commit the gallery.

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  • This item will only work on Posts. Users should look at the Image Gallery page element or a wpDataTable to display images in a grid format for Pages.
  • Within the UW Theme, the Posts Image Gallery is limited to three (3) columns, regardless of the number you specify in the Columns drop down selector.
  • The gallery is not "saved," so it cannot be reused in multiple posts past the original it was created in.

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