Office 365 (Apple Mail / Calendar) - Reconfigure Apple Mail / Calendar

This document will guide you through re-configuring your account in the Microsoft Outlook app on iOS/Android.

  1. Open System Preferences.
    Mac System Preferences

  2. Within the System Preference menu, select Internet Accounts.
    System Preferences menu options

  3. Select your Exchange account and the - to remove the account.
    Internet Account settings screen

  4. Select OK to confirm the account removal.

  5. On the Internet Accounts screen, select Microsoft Exchange.
    Internet Accounts menu

  6. Enter the address of the account you are configuring using the following format:
    • NetID Account: (
    • Service Account: (

      Note: If you entered your or address above, that will also work in getting your account configured. Also, if you are configuring a service account and do not know the password of the account you are configuring, contact your domain administrator.

  7. Select Sign In. You'll be redirected to the UW - Madison Login screen. Input your NetID and password. Authenticate with Duo.

  8. Select the applications you want to use with your Exchange account and select Done.

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