CyberArk - Privileged Access Challenges at UW-Madison

Looking to efficiently protect, monitor, and control privileged access across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure? CyberArk may be what you are looking for.


Privileged accounts and the access they provide represent one of the largest security vulnerabilities UW-Madison faces today. These powerful accounts exist in almost every piece of hardware and software throughout IT environments. When employed properly, privileged accounts are used to maintain systems, facilitate automated processes, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure business continuity. But
in the wrong hands these accounts can be used to steal sensitive data and cause irreparable damage to the organization.

Privileged accounts are exploited in nearly every cyber-attack. Bad actors can use privileged accounts to disable security systems, to take control of critical IT infrastructure, and to gain access to confidential business data and personal information.

Departments at UW-Madison face a number of challenges protecting, controlling, and monitoring privileged access including:


UW-Madison through the Office of Cybersecurity and Division of Information Technology have implemented the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, providing foundational controls for protecting, controlling, and monitoring privileged access across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure. The solution helps teams and Departments efficiently manage privileged credentials with strong authentication methods, proactively monitor and control privileged account activity, intelligently identify suspicious activity and quickly respond to threats.