AEFIS - Eval Results - Reports and Results Known Issues

AEFIS is updating and correcting course evaluation reports with system upgrades occurring in May and June 2022. Here are a few of the known issues.

Survey Results Screen:

Supervisory Instructors (called Course Section Directors within AEFIS) are displaying in the results metrics, however, these instructors are never evaluated. This issue is just a display issue. In a future development, it will display as N/A. Currently the screen is displaying as 0/5 with no score, which looks like they received a zero. UPDATED and FIXED!

Report: Course Evaluation Analysis

The export of Aggregate Results and Individual results does not always appear. If you click export after you select a group (0-50, 51-100, etc) you will see that the Aggregate Results and Individual Results exports are not options for you to export. There is a workaround, if you deselect and then reselect one of the selected rows then the options reappear and export all of the selected rows as expected. 

Report: Analysis of Student Course Evaluation by Instructor

Comments Issue: This report is only showing instructor text/memo comments. It should display both course and instructor text/memo.

Report: Course Section Trend Analysis

The option to choose they type of statistic was removed with the new rewrite, so the report is displaying all four stats. This added information is not used by many departments and the request to choose the stat was discussed with AEFIS.  

Report: Student Course Evaluation Metric Trend Analysis

No issues.