ECMS - Imaging User Account Creation: Required Group Membership

This document addresses the required groups for user authentication from different organizations.

Required Group membership for accounts to be able to log into the Imaging system based on their appointments' UDDS

For users that have more than one appointment please select the one that is:

  1. Already in use
  2. From the UDDS that is requesting the access

UDDS start with a "A" UW Madison

UDDS start with a "B" UW Milwaukee

UDDS start with a "G" UW Parkside

UDDS start with a "T" UW System

( We do not have a connection to the UW System LDAP for authentication so these users must user UW Madison credentials to access the system.   These users get their UW Madison credentials because they have offices in Dane County.)   

All other ( people from other campuses or outside of the system like auditors and consultants) must get an appointment sponsored by the group requesting  their access.