Tip Sheet for Consultant POI Entry for Manifest Population

This process is specific to setting up a Consultant POI for a person who was previously set up in a Manifest group.

For general questions about POI entry, or for assistance in setting up POIs, contact the OHR NetID/Retired ID service account retiredid@ohr.wisc.edu.

Process Notes & Considerations

The entry of the Consultant POI can be done by division HR. The owner of the Manifest group being considered for movement into HRS as a Consultant POI should reach out to their division HR contact. If the division HR prefers not to do the entry, they can contact OHR (retireid@ohr.wisc.edu) to do the entry.

Data elements requested when entering POIs:

Added to the Add/Modify a Person page in HRS

Added to the POI Relationship page

Assumption: the person being moved from Manifest to POI has a NetID and that NetID will need to be linked to the POI record created in HRS.

Information for Division HR doing the POI entry:

OBIEE Person of Interest report

POI report