Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) - Line number (#) appears italicized and highlighted

When viewing transactions in the Pre-Posting Allocation Tool, some line numbers for your transactions may appear italicized and highlighted in red. This occurs when the funding for that invoice has been updated and is available as a tool to help you keep track of which invoices have been updated during the month.

If you have not worked with an invoice the line number in the # column at the beginning will appear as normal. Customers who have already worked with a transaction will see the line number in the # column at the far left of the screen italicized and highlighted in red as shown below. If you mouse over the line number a message stating "This record has been updated in PAT" will also appear as shown below.

This record has been updated in PAT

More Information

Review all of the Pre-Posting Allocation Tool documents in the Knowledge Base.