Microsoft Office X - Uninstalling

This document explains how to uninstall Office X from a Macintosh computer.

Potential for data loss CAUTION: Please make sure your important data is backed-up to Bucky Backup or an external storage device (such as a CD, DVD, or external hard drive) before attempting this procedure. DoIT assumes no liability for data loss that occurs as a result of this procedure.
To completely remove Office v.X from your Macintosh there are two options.

Remove Office Utility

The Remove Office Utility will remove all files installed by Office v.X.

IMPORTANT : Before you remove Office v. X, you must remove any personal files from the Microsoft Office X folder. Also, you must back up any identities that are stored in the Microsoft User Data folder (in the Documents folder). This includes any files that you created and saved in or placed in the Microsoft Office X folder. This must be done so that your personal files and e-mail messages are not deleted.

The Remove Office Utility can be found on the Office v.X Installation CD in the Value Pack folder.

Removing Office Manually

To manually remove Office v.X move the following files to the trash:

Hard Drive -> Applications

Users -> username -> Library -> Preferences -> Microsoft

Users -> username -> Documents -> Micorsoft User Data