SIS/Advisor Assign - Changing Student Advisor Information


When you change an advisor on a student’s record, any evidence of the previous information is removed from the system; however, you can view an audit log of the changes and deletions.

Note: Most advisor updates for Undergraduate students happen at time of major/certificate declaration or cancellation via the SIS Major/Certificates Requests or Update Academic Program pages. The SIS Student Advisor page is used to assign auxiliary advisors (such as Career, PEOPLE, Athletics, etc) or to change an advisor during periods of staff transition.

If you have a consistent mass change (e.g. replace advisor X with advisor Y), or other changes, see automated options on the Office of the Registrar website.

To change existing advisor information, follow the steps below:

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Student Advisor. The Find page will display

Tip: Menu navigation: > Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor

Step 2

Locate the student's record by entering their Campus ID# in the "Campus ID" field. Other search fields can be used, but Campus ID is the value you're most likely to know and its use will ensure you're accessing the correct student record.

The student's information will display on the Student Advisor page.

Select "Search".

Step 3

Select Student Advisor page tab.

Step 4

Depending on the student's advisor record, follow the proper process

If the Effective Date is prior to today, then change the Effective Date to current date.

If the Effective Date is a future date, then leave Effective Date as is.

Tip: You may need to change the Effective Date to the start of the next term if you don't find the program and/or plan for which you are looking. Term Begin and End Dates can be found using the following navigation: Student Records WorkCenter > Dean/Dept Processing > Session Dates and Deadlines.

Step 5

Find the advisor row you want to change

Tip: Use the row counter bar to move around, or select View All.

Step 6

Depending on what data needs to be changed, follow the proper steps.

If you need to change one of the following fields, Advisor Role, Academic Plan, Academic Advisor, or Committee

Select the Advisor Role, Academic Plan, Academic Advisor, or Committee you wish to update.

If you need to change multiple fields


Step 7

Select [Save]. The change is now saved to the student's record.


In the example below, view the three steps required to change from one assigned advisor to another when the student's major has not changed:

SIS Student Advisor Page to Change from One Advisor to Another