SIS/Advisor Assign - Verify a Student’s Declared Major


This document outlines how to verify a student's declared major in SIS.

The Student Program/Plan page tracks the Academic Career, Academic Program, Academic Plan, and Academic Sub-Plan in which the student has been declared, currently is declared, or will be switching to in the future.

Step 1

Navigate to Student Records WorkCenter, Student Program/Plan


> Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

Step 2

[Clear] fields, especially Student Center Nbr, before searching for a different student.

screenshot of Find Existing Value tab

Step 3

[Search] If a Search Results in multiple rows of data, look at the Student Career Number for each Academic Career as shown below: (e.g. look at each 3 Student Career Nbr)

screenshot highlighting Academic Career and Student Career Nbr

Using the Academic Program Summary Report to verify a current student's Declared Major(s)

This report summarizes an active student’s current (as of today) declared Programs/Plans/Subplans including degrees sought, programs, majors, minors, certificates, and any options or tracks. This will not list past or future programs/plans/subplans.

To view an active student’s current program(s), follow the steps below:

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter Academic Program Summary. The Academic Program Summary query prompt will display.

Step 2

Select Empl ID magnifying glass.

Step 3

Select Advanced Lookup.

Step 4

Step 5

Select [View Results]. The student's current Academic Program(s) will display.

screenshot of Academic Program Summary page in SIS