SIS/Advisor Assign - Verify a Student’s Declared Major


This document outlines how to verify a student's declared major in SIS.

The simplest way to verify a student's currently active programs, plans, and subplans is via the Academic Program Summary query in the Student Records WorkCenter.

Academic Program Summary

Student Program/Plan

Using the Academic Program Summary Report to verify a student's currently Declared Major(s)

This report summarizes an active student’s current (as of today) declared Programs/Plans/Subplans including degrees sought, programs, majors, minors, certificates, and any options or tracks. This will not list past or future programs/plans/subplans.

To view an active student’s current program(s), follow the steps below:

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter Academic Program Summary. The Academic Program Summary query prompt will display

Step 2

Select Empl ID magnifying glass.

Step 3

Select Advanced Lookup.

Step 4

Step 5

Select [View Results]. The student's current Academic Program(s) will display.

SIS Academic Program Summary Search Results

Using the Student Program/Plan page to view a student's past, present, and future Declared Major(s)

The Student Program/Plan page tracks the Academic Career, Academic Program, Academic Plan, and Academic Sub-Plan in which the student has been declared, currently is declared, or will be switching to in the future. This page is most useful when hoping to declare advisors for programs or plans that are not yet active for your student. You'll be able to see when the declared program or plan will become active for the student and can adjust the effective date in the SIS Student Advisor page to match.

Only Office of the Registrar team members can make updates directly in the Student Program/Plan page.

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Student Program/Plan. The Find page will display.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

Step 2

[Clear] fields, especially Student Center Nbr, before searching for a different student.

SIS Student Program/Plan Seach Page

Step 3

[Search] If a Search Results in multiple rows of data, look at the Student Career Number for each Academic Career as shown below: (e.g. look at each of the three different Student Career Nbrs - 0, 1, and 2 in this example).

Student Program/Plan Search Results for Undergrad Student