SIS/Student Groups - Inactivating a Student from a Student Group


This document outlines how to inactive a student from a Student Group.

By inactivating a student from a student group, a record of their group association is kept. To inactive a student group from a student’s record, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Navigate to the Student Groups page using the path of your choice


Step 2

Find the specific student group you wish to make 'inactive.'

Tip: Use the row counter bar to move around

Note: Verify you are inactivating the correct student group!

Step 3

Select lower [+] Add button to the right of Status. A new effective date row will display.

Step 4

Change Effective Date if needed. Effective Date will display the appropriate date.

Step 5

Change Status to 'Inactive.'

scsreenshot for changing status to inactive with student group

Step 6

If wanted, add or change Comments.

Note: If Comments were on the previous row, they copy to the new row.

Step 7

Select [Save] or [OK]. The student is now 'inactive' in this student group.