SIS/Student Groups - Deleting a Student from a Student Group


This document outlines the process of deleting a student from a student group.

By deleting a student from a student group, a record of their group association is removed. To delete a student group from a student’s record, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Student Groups Search Page

Step 2:

Find the specific student group you wish to delete.

Tip: Use the row counter bar to move around.

Student Groups Row Counter

Note: Verify you are deleting the correct group.

Step 3:

Select upper [-] Delete button to the right of Academic Institution. The message, "Delete current/selected rows from this page? The delete will occur when the transaction is saved." will display.

Student Groups Upper Delete Button

Step 4

Select [OK] if you want to delete the student group. The student group information will be removed from the student's record.

Tip: If you do not want to delete this item, select [Cancel] or do not save.

Student Groups OK button after deleting

Step 5

Select [Save]. The student group is permanently removed from the record.

Student Groups Save button after deleting

Important: For enrollment based student groups, see the Auto Delete Note.