L&S guidance for department-provided information in Course Search & Enroll

SOAR and peak registration periods go more smoothly when students and advisors have easy access to important and relevant information about your courses, who to contact in different situations, and special enrollment process.

These are actions L&S departments can take to provide good information:

(1) Review and update your department’s “Subject Notes.” This “note” is displayed on every course, at the course level, in your subject in Course Search & Enroll. It should give information about department-level enrollment questions, including:

Subject notes can be updated by curricular reps in SIS via Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter → Build/Edit Schedule of Classes → Global Notes Table

(2) Please use “Class Notes,” which are section specific to:

Class notes can be updated by curricular reps in SIS via Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter → Build/Edit Schedule of Classes → Maintain Schedule of Classes → Notes tab

(3) Please encourage instructors to add “instructor-provided content” to their course.

This is a way for instructors to provide information above and beyond the published course description, and can help students decide to enroll. For example, a more-in depth description, a list of weekly topics covered, pedagogical approaches, or brief descriptions of typical assignments. Instructors can add this information via Faculty Center, instructions can be found here.

For questions or more information: please contact Kimbrin Cornelius, Assistant Dean for L&S Teaching & Learning Administration (kimbrin.cornelius@wisc.edu)