SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Class Associations


This document provides diagrams that show examples of class associations. This includes the section number and the association number, and how they are related depending upon how students are able to enroll in the class sections.

Lecture Only

LecturesOnly Bubble Image
This set up is shown in the example below, for Math 113:


One Lecture with Multiple Required Discussions

One Lecture Multiple Discussions

This example is displayed in the course below. Students select their discussion, which auto enrolls into Lecture 001:
multiple required discussions

One to One Correlation between Lectures and Discussions

One to One Correlation

The course below is an example of 5 different Discussions which auto enroll into 5 different (and specified) Labs: 
One to One Correlation

One Lecture with Multiple Discussions and Labs

One Lecture with Discussion and Lab Auto Enroll

An example of this is Chemistry 115, where the enrollment section is the Lab, which auto enrolls into a Discussion, and then Lecture 001:
2nd auto enroll

Multiple Lectures with Choice of Required Discussions

Choice of Lecture

An example of this is Anthropology 100, where students enroll in a Discussion and then may choose either Lecture. There are no auto enrolls:
Lecture Choice Class

Lecture with Choice of Optional Discussions

Lecture with optional discussions
*If the Honors component is optional, then the entire course will need to be available for Honors Optional, as seen on Class Associations - Class Components tab. Use a Class Note on the Notes tab of Maintain Schedule of Classes page to notify students of the honors status and what components are required. See also: Adding Honors designations